Stone and Gravel Driveways

Gravel and decorative stone comes in many colors from white to black, through the whole spectrum of color. The gravel can be used to provide a canvas for various styles of planting schemes, an additional service that we provide, which will give you vibrancy and colour in your driveway or gravel garden through the seasons.


Looking for a low maintenance driveway? no pressure washing, no costly repairs? We can remove your old driveway, remove the waste and install a gravel/decorative gravel driveway that's easy and cheap to maintain and also ensures you can hear who's coming before they even get to your door.

We install all our driveways using a solid MOT base, double membrane (to prevent weed growth) and an ECO Grid system ensuring your driveway doesn’t dip. You see this on stone and gravel driveways that' have not been installed correctly causing them to look unsightly, get muddy and collect water.

Our solution is guaranteed for 10 years! We believe the only thing you’ll need to do, is add weed killer from time to time which is available through our regular Garden Maintenance and top up with your decorative stone or gravel every few years. 10 times cheaper than regular driveway maintenance!


Not only does our decorative stone and gravel driveway solution, it always provides additional security (you can here people coming) but you can also change the stone after many years to update the appearance and go with the trend bringing new colour to you property.

Do you think this could be the solution for you? Why not give us a call or drop us and email and we can supply you with a free no obligation quotation today!