Turfing and Landscaping Services

A lot of our customers are now contacting us to design and install a low maintenance garden. We are finding that our customers want to enjoy their gardens but don’t want to be a slave to them.

Weather you want a garden full of bloom, stone, green grass or decking we can help you make your new gardens come true. We even offer Free Design and Estimates!


When it comes to Turfing, we provide turfing for both residential and commercial use.

We supply and lay quality lawn turf for everyday use or specialist turf for bowling greens or putting greens. Alternatively we provide skilled grass seeding for all areas. We also provide a maintenance service for all lawns & gardens: Garden Maintenance. The type of turf you choose depends on your preference, and on your garden’s climate conditions. We'll supply you with a number of options so you have a wide choice to choose from.

When laying a new lawn turf in your gardens we:

  • Clear the area

  • Level the soil

  • Apply a layer of topsoil

  • Lay the turf

  • Edge the lawn and borders

We can then provide you with a maintenance plan for your new lawn to ensure it stays looking it's best.

Depending on the soil, season, and weather conditions in the garden, your new turf may need more extensive watering. After a month, the watering should be cut down to once or twice a week so that the grass' root system can establish deeper.

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We liaise with our customers to design a garden of their dreams and ideas that works for you for the budget you want to spend. This is to help you reach a decision on the style you want at a price you can afford.

Styles vary, with a simple gravel garden with low maintenance plants being very popular. Feature points can also be placed in the garden such as a wooden structure, stone furniture or even a solar powered water fountain!

When customers opt for Decorative Stone and Gravel, this comes in many colors from white, through the whole spectrum of color. The gravel can be used to provide a canvas for various styles of planting schemes, an additional service that we provide, which will give you vibrancy and color in your gravel garden through the seasons.

No garden is complete without plants, even in a low maintenance garden, so whether you want a garden to be natural, subtle, spartan or bold, our experience and knowledge can help you achieve your desired look. Our range of landscaping includes every layer of ecological sequence: aquatic plants, semi-aquatic plants, field layer plants (including grasses and herbaceous plants) shrubs and trees.

We assess your needs whether you have time to maintain your garden or whether an active lifestyle requires ‘self-sustaining’ planting. We look at the location, direction of the sun, areas of shade, the quality of the soil and the surrounding fauna. The aim is to develop a living space that doesn’t only look active during the warmer months. We look at colors and structure and develop the planting to mature into its surroundings to complement and collaborate.

Any garden bed can be turned into a low maintenance gravel bed quickly and efficiently. Even the most neglected garden beds can be transformed in one day!

The Process:

  • We visit your garden to listen to your needs. At this point we will decide on which if any shrubs or plants are to be removed and if new edging is needed. You will also choose from a range of low maintenance plants and the variety of decorative stones or bark or wood-chip that is your favorite mulch.

  • Based on your requirements, we will provide a fixed price written quotation. Once confirmed, the transformation can begin.

  • The existing weeds are cleared and the bed treated with weedkiller.

  • New plants and edging are are added if part of the original quote.

  • High quality weed suppressing membrane is installed around the existing plants and new planting. This can be omitted if you require beds simply mulched with bark or wood-chip only.

  • Your choice of topping is applied to cover the membrane completely.

Our Landscaping Services Include:

  • Tree Planting

  • Shrubs, Perennials, Herbaceous Planting

  • Wild Flowers, Seeding and Bulbs

  • Hedging

  • Turfing and Re-Turfing

  • Trellis Cultivation

  • Gravel/Decorative Stone Gardens

  • Sleeper Style Gardens

  • Complete Makeovers